Waste Heat Recovery Boilers

WHRB are fire tube industrial boilers equipped with advanced instrumentation to deliver maximum possible heat recovery.

These boilers are ideal to recover heat from flue Gas, incinerators, blast furnace exhausts etc. They enhance the system efficiency and help save fuel and money.

Waste Heat Recovery Boilers are designed for easy inspection and maintenance.


1) Furnace exhausts- In metallurgical, petroleum and petrochemical, chemical industry.

2) Incinerator exhausts- process, petroleum and petrochemical, chemical industry.

3) Boiler exhausts- In power, food, pharmacy, process, sugar, distillery, paper, petroleum and
petrochemical, chemical industry. Specific experience on CS2 process WHRB

We also design and manufacture Tailor-made WHRB

Design Data Design Consideration:
Design & Construction Code IBR 1950 with Latest Amendments Max utilization of waste energy.
Boiler Type Waste Heat Recovery Boiler Optimum heat transfer coeff.
Capacity At maximum Effective online cleaning Systems
Design / Working Pressure 47.0 Kgf/cm2¬(g) Proven performance.
Design Temperature Saturated / Superheated Proven construction.
HYD. Test Pressure 1.5 times of WP Rugged.
Total Heating Surface Area As per available heat duty Ease of operation.
Ease of maintenance.
Flexibility in layout can be considered to suit site layout.

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