Economizers are used mainly to extract Waste Heat from flue gases and incinerators, it delivers maximum possible heat recovery.

Perfect solution for heat transfer in Corrosive Environment. (C.I. Gilled) long life, reliable, robust construction, minimum maintenance, easy to operate, reliable saving and short payback period assured!

Highly experienced manufacturing technology for shrink fitting of C.I. Gills/ M.S. Fins, extensive data of various sites, experience on various metallurgy, shop built, modular construction, minimum time for installation, and minimum charges at site.

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The hot flue gases from Boiler/ Thermic Fluid Fleater/ Furnaces, enter the Economizer vertically spread in a uniform flow proportionally across the entire Economizer with specially designed gas distribution system.
Using this heat energy in exhaust gases, the feed water going to the boiler is heated to desired temperature. This is a cross flow function i.e. flue gases flows from top to bottom vertically & water passes through the tubes/ heaters horizontally, to get the best results of Heat Transfer.
The efficiency of the Economizer is considered as close as 100% since the total gas coming to the Economizer is cooled down to a pre-determined outlet temperature. Thus, maximum possible heat in the flue gas is utilized to heat the feed water, the water at elevated temperature is then fed to boiler.
The pressure drop across gas side/ water side is well designed and maintained to avoid any back pressure on the boilers & feed water pump. Max pressure drop across water side is maintained at 0.2 kg/cm2 and on gas side it is maintained below 35 mm of WG.

Operation & Maintenance :

  • Design suitable for various type of fuels of Boiler.
  • Compact Design with use of gills/ fins increase the extended heating surface.
  • Staggered construction of tubes to extract maximum heat from flue gases.
  • Flue gases passes in zig-zag way over the tube giving maximum heat transfer.
  • Parent tube is 100% protected with Cl gills/ M.S. Fins.
  • Absolutely no chances of failure of tube/ bends.
  • Even for M.S. finned construction, beds are kept outside flue gas path to ensure long life of Economizer Tubes.
  • The headers are provided with opening from both the sides (LH & RH) to save the additional Cost of steam/ waterpiping.
  • Tendency of tube vibrations reduces due to robust construction.
  • Equipped with all operational safety.
  • The safety relief valve is easily accessible.
  • Fouling is drastically reduced by proper Gill/ Fins Configuration.
  • Costlier but payback period is faster.
  • Proper drain points are provided on Economizer to have better cleaning during the shut down.
  • SAFETY FEATURE - The gas inlet box is provided with spring loaded explosion door, In case of increase in gas pressure across the Economizer the explosion door opens and gas escapes
  • All the Mandatory, Statutory, Regularly I.B.R. Approvals Certification are taken care of.
  • Easy availability of Spares. Efficient and most prompt after sales service.
  • Modular Construction for easy Transport and Erection.

C.I. Gilled Tubes\ M.S. Finned Tubes

Trust Well Engineers India_C.I._Gilled Tubes-M.S._Finned Tubes

C.I. Gilled Tubes

State of Art Technology used in the construction of Economizer is of Shrink Fitting. The C.l. Gills are manufactured to a high degree of precision so as to get the best efficiency.
The duly machined C.l. Gills at close tolerance are shrink fitted in a red hot condition over the tubes with a specially developed shrink fitting process.
The unique design and special shrink fitting process of C.l. Gills on the tube are tested on a Shadowgraphy m/c and ensures that the contact efficiency is more than 93%.
The hair pin type 'U' elements are manufactured individually with highest degree of precision and specially developed engineering progress under controlled conditions.
To minimise erosion of bends in the corrosive atmosphere (Sulphur of 2% and above in flue gas) bends are covered with Cast Iron. Hot molten metal (Cl) is poured on to the bends creating thickness of 10 mm/20 mm.
This eliminates possibility of puncturing of Economizer at bend portion. Cast on bends takes total care of protecting bends from erosion and puncturing on bend portion.
Economizer Design ensure all these bends/ return bends are kept outside the flue gas path to ensure added safety.

M.S. Finned Tubes

Trust Well Engineers with accumulated years of experience in the field of heat recovery systems can determine with specific type of ‘H‘ Type finned tubes which can withstand the extreme amount of temperature and environment conditions.
As a result we have developed proprietary technology to produce a range of various size and legth of ‘H‘ type finned tubes that meets all demands.
The ‘H‘ Type Square fin welding provides a higher heating surface area with compact design and contact efficiency around 87%. Trust Well has exceeded in the technology of welding ‘H‘ Fin Tubes.
The Finning Machine is the latest state-of-the-art in the Finning Machine, designed with computer controlled indexing for accurate fin pitching in length up to 4.5 mtrs. With Survo motor in single configuration and offers a production capcity of 10,000 Fin Tubes per annum.
The latest CD welding technology is adopted for fin welding to achieve accurate fusion and maximum contact area.
The Fin Tube Welding Machine is one of its kind not only in Maharashtra but also in India.
The pairs of ‘H‘ shaped M.S. Fins are precisely welded to the tube surface under very careful controlled conditions.
The purpose built welding machine ensures very precise indexing along the entire length of the tube and exact parallel attachment.
The basic and detailed engineering of the complete Economizers is done on specially designed software programmes.

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