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Trust Well Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.

Trust Well Engineers India Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 2000 with manufacturing facilities at Shrirampur(near SHIRDI).
We design and manufacture all types of Waste Heat Recovery Boilers and handle corrosive or complicated flue gasses. We also have hands on experience in designing and manufacturing of low temperature heat recovery products.
We have in house facilities for all extended heating surface equipments (for eg. Finned tubes, Gilled tubes and Studded tubes etc). We, at Trustwell Engineers provide Tailor Made Solutions for WHRB, Economizers, Steam Coil Air Preheaters, Super Heaters and other Boiler accessories to suit various types of fuels.
We design and manufacture all types of online cleaning systems viz Soot Blowers using Steam/ Air as media. With EIL (Engineers India Limited) certification and IBR certification. We have our customer base in Pan India and Overseas.

Our Flag-ship Products

Waste Heat Recovery Boilers

Trust Well Engineers India_Waste Heat Recovery Boilers

Steam Coil Air Pre-Heaters

Trust Well Engineers India_Steam Coil Air Pre-Heaters

Unique Soot Blowers For Carbon Black Industries

Trust Well Engineers India_Soot Blowers For Carbon Black

Standard Soot Blowers

Trust Well Engineers India_Soot Blowers

Finned/ C.I Gilled Economizers

Trust Well Engineers India_Economizers

C.I. Gilled Tubes\ M.S. Finned Tubes

Trust Well Engineers India_C.I._Gilled Tubes-M.S._Finned Tubes

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